Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas


        My Friends!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!            

   I wish you and your family happiness, love and good health!   

Sincerely Luda

Greeting card

 My friends!
Excuse me for a short period of disappearance :))

Work with the blog was not such a simple thing, but we must move forward.

Of course now is a very busy time before Christmas, and all are busy buying gifts, planning to celebrate the holiday and decorate the house for the holidays. Today we bought a Christmas tree, oh how I love Christmas! "
I love the excitement that the Christmas spirit brings.
I love making gifts for my family, friends and people I know!

Daisies, daisies, daisy! I love these delicate flowers!

They create a special atmosphere in the house with specific gentle smell.

   When I think of daisies, it reminds me of an open meadow, with daisies as far as the eye can see, and the aroma affects me like a magic potion.
  My next creation will be of a beautiful summertime straw hat, with many daisies arraigned to make that feeling of a meadow full of daisies come to life.
Its structure resembles a natural straw and it will look especially harmoniously with daisies. What we still need to know - is the choice of fabrics and colors. In my daisies I chose warm colors are very friendly fit for the warm tone of a hat. Is not it perfectly!

My friends, I want to teach you how to create not just flowers, but also be creative to create a harmonious image. You are creating not only a color, you create a beautiful image.
This Master Class will teach you the technology of this beautiful flower.

                                   So, I have for you a Christmas gift:))

                                        Daisies! Photo Master Class!

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                                    About master classes

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